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Renewed Strength and Motivation

In Altum Spring 2019 Participants


In Altum Fall 2018 Participants

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“We also want to go In Altum. We want to use the instruments of this world - the wonders of science, the depth of philosophy and liberal arts, the power of education and political work, the healing promises of healthcare and the strength of our daily labor - to preach Christ crucified and bear witness to the Gospel. Thanks to your incredible dedication and generosity we have found new, remarkable resources to do that. And we have found worthy companions for this effort.”

- Letter of THANKS, In Altum Participants (Fall 2018 Program)

Fall 2018 In Altum Participants Testimonials

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“It is really nice to see that there are many people that embrace their faith in their professional environment. We have this formation which is the fuel and this program is like a spark. […] It will inspire you to make the most of your faith.”

Diogo Bragança

Physics Ph.D. Student, Stanford University

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“I was very excited to join this program, for all the opportunities to meet with great speakers, teachers, and visit so many institutions [...] As a nurse, I really enjoyed our visit to Tepeyac [pro-life clinic]. I want to start a similar clinic back in Portugal. I want to live my faith more seriously.”

Maria Teresa Leitão

Luz Hospital Lisbon

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“One of the most important parts of my life is the way I live my faith in every aspect of my life, whether professionally or politically. This program has helped me see how other people do that, how they place Christ first, sometimes, with a lot of personal sacrifice and a lot of creativity with a lot of love for others and for Truth.

It has been wonderful meeting these people and understanding how in my life, career, and personal relations I can place Christ as the first and main thing.”

António Pedro Barreiro

Political Science M.A. Student, Catholic University of Portugal

Winter 2018 In Altum Participants Testimonials

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“More than a trip to the U.S. this program allowed me to acknowledge the unity of the Catholic Church and its ‘sheep’; to discuss realities of one’s everyday life and how to tackle them with an everlasting presence of God in our minds and souls; to face the facts and recognize the attacks we and the institution we dedicate to are under every day, and how to react to them.

Most of all, you made me finally recognize my place in the Church as a young adult, and in my life and society as a Christian; now I know what is expected of me and what God has been calling me to do. For all that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Maria Rita V. M. Correia de Almeida of Lisbon, Portugual

Student at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, NOVA University of Lisbon


“We are humans, and as such, we need one another to confirm our discernment and motivate our effort on a basic emotional level, since it is through our neighbors that we’re able to find God. Prayer, daily effort and the [bearing] of our individual crosses are regarded differently when you are able to see that people all around the globe are fighting the same fight. […] One can firmly sustain that the In Altum Program has, above all, a deep value of Christian companionship.”

Roberto Martínez Hernández of Monterrey, Mexico

Graduate of Tecnológico de Monterrey Law School and Associate at Garza Charles & Guerrero Bazaldúa Abogados


“The In Altum Program was indeed a distinct experience in my life. I felt God's grace through all of you the time we spent together. I needed this time to strengthen my faith and build new connections with devout Christians. […] The In Altum Program is a one of a kind experience that enlightens one's soul and fosters special friendships among Christians throughout the world.”

JosÈ Freire Nunes of São Paulo, brazil

CEO, Magister Freire


“I wanted to thank you all, because truly, these days have been incredible in so many ways! It is inspiring and encouraging to meet seriously Christian people that live their faith day to day and who want to share the joy of the Gospel […] In our day to day, it is difficult to live our faith to its fullest. That is why I think it is extremely important to help us out mutually so that we can remain firm and faithful to God. Thank you very much for this incredible experience!”

María Bernardita Olazábal of San Juan, Argentina

Catholic University of Cuyo Business School Student