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IAP Scholar FAQ's

Advancing Catholic Excellence

Who Is Eligible to Apply?

Applicants must:

  • be a professor at an internationally recognized university

  • exhibit devotion to the Catholic faith and its tenets, maintaining the Precepts of the Church (CCC 2041-2043)

  • have the ability and desire to teach/research in the United States

  • have a working English proficiency, demonstrable in conversation and writing

  • be focused on the humanities and social sciences

Age and Degree Requirements

There are no preferred age ranges for this program. An IAP Scholar exhibits exceptional knowledge, critical thinking skills, and the ambition to create social change through education or elsewhere.

Though applications are assessed individually and holistically, the applicant should display a distinguished academic career. An undergraduate degree is the minimum, and applicants with PhD’s or similar degrees/distinctions are preferred. If you are unsure about applying, feel free to fill out the interest form explaining your hesitations.


Deadlines to apply are entirely relative to the applicant’s interests and can vary depending on subject and university. For the Fall Semester (August-December), applicants should apply in the Spring of the same year to ensure enough time for logistical planning, lower travel expenses, and program availability. For the Spring Semester, applicants should apply during the Summer and early Fall periods.

To apply to the IAP Scholar Program, applicants must demonstrate English proficiency in writing and speaking. The program’s standards are informal and tested through online calls and a review of some of the applicant’s academic work, but stricter standards may be required by the University system or Institution to which the scholar will submit their application. The IAP Scholar Program will assess this proficiency on a person-to-person basis to ensure every requirement is met in the application.

English Proficiency

Though “humanities” can vary in definition and range, scholars should demonstrate a deep interest and history of interest in any of the following disciplines: humanities, classics, anthropology, philosophy, theology, political science, economics, psychology, sociology, the fine arts, language, literature, journalism, history, legal studies, and any associated discipline.

Academic Discipline

All mentoring services are without cost to IAP Scholars, and the program will work closely with airlines, Catholic housing networks, and scholarship opportunities through the university and externally to ensure lower living expenses throughout the semester. Expenses for applicants will be addressed on an individual basis, but Scholars should be capable of financing basic living expenses.

Financing and Scholarship