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Teach in the American academy or work with major political, religious, and social think tanks.

The IAP Scholar Program is an extension of the In Altum Program that promotes the intersection of scholarly ambition, Catholic virtue, and social entrepreneurship by pairing international scholars with American universities, think-tanks, and nonprofits.

A. Program Description

Our Vision

Creating access to a wealth of knowledge and resources for the academically ambitious

Creating access to a wealth of knowledge and resources for the academically ambitious

To create dynamic social impact through the advancement of international, Catholic scholars in America and abroad through a framework of traditional values and education.


IAP Scholar offers highly-qualified, talented professors who profess the Catholic faith the opportunity to teach in the American academy or work with major political, religious, and social think tanks as an international exchange experience. Professors pair with a university or think-tank for a semester, immersing themselves in American culture, scholarship, and society. The program searches for teaching fellowships, internships, and nonprofit employment to develop the Scholar’s knowledge in their academic discipline and of American society more broadly. The IAP Scholar program provides Catholic scholars the chance to gain experience with high-profile American institutions and provides a platform for social change toward a virtuous society. IAP Scholar is not just a connection, but an opportunity to grow in faith and reason, to challenge society within an appreciation of the Catholic intellectual tradition, and to promote exploration of the faith through scholarship, culture, and work. An IAP Scholar is immersed into the full and diverse body of the Catholic Church and develops into an active representation of its one, holy, catholic, and apostolic nature.


The American Experience

Studying and working abroad is beneficial professionally and personally. An IAP Scholar will get a full immersion experience into American culture, language, and society. While there, Scholars can explore the stunning cities and landscapes, taste the unique regional foods, and interact with world-leading institutions. It’s a small glimpse into what makes America special.

Professional Development

Scholars will teach and work alongside academics with incredible credentials, prepared with world-class teaching/working technologies and institutional support. The American academy is cutting-edge, engaging, and challenging, building skill sets which set IAP Scholars above expectations on the international stage, preparing them for a lifetime of professional advancement.

Building Connections

IAP Scholars have the opportunity to interact with renowned academics and thought-leaders in American and global politics, scholarship, and social entrepreneurship. Once immersed, Scholars are plunged into a new world of knowledge and resources, including life-long friends, colleagues, and professional relationships which prove invaluable to future success.


The main tenets of a successful applicant include a distinguished academic record, devotion to the Catholic faith and its tenets, and a shared passion for the intellectual history of the Catholic Church and Western tradition. An IAP Scholar not only excels academically, but is ambitious to create social change through living a Christ-centric life. Logistically, candidates must be a current professor with the desire and ability to teach and learn in the United States, including a demonstrable proficiency in English.


B. Frequently Asked Questions

Intellectual Engagement

Intellectual Engagement

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must:

  • be a professor at an internationally recognized university

  • exhibit devotion to the Catholic faith and its tenets, maintaining the Precepts of the Church (CCC 2041-2043)

  • have the ability and desire to teach/research in the United States

  • have a working English proficiency, demonstrable in conversation and writing

What are the age and degree requirements?

There are no preferred age ranges for this program. An IAP Scholar exhibits exceptional knowledge, critical thinking skills, and the ambition to create social change through education or elsewhere.

Though applications are assessed individually and holistically, the applicant should display a distinguished academic career. An undergraduate degree is the minimum, and applicants with PhD’s or similar degrees/distinctions are preferred. If you are unsure about applying, feel free to fill out the interest form explaining your hesitations.

What are the deadlines to apply?

Deadlines to apply are entirely relative to the applicant’s interests and can vary depending on subject and university. For the Fall Semester (August-December), applicants should apply in the Spring of the same year to ensure enough time for logistical planning, lower travel expenses, and program availability. For the Spring Semester, applicants should apply during the Summer and early Fall periods.

What is the english proficiency requirement?

To apply to the IAP Scholar Program, applicants must demonstrate English proficiency in writing and speaking. The program’s standards are informal and tested through online calls and a review of some of the applicant’s academic work, but stricter standards may be required by the University system or Institution to which the scholar will submit their application. The IAP Scholar Program will assess this proficiency on a person-to-person basis to ensure every requirement is met in the application.

Academic Discipline

Though “humanities” can vary in definition and range, scholars should demonstrate a deep interest and history of interest in any of the following disciplines: humanities, classics, anthropology, philosophy, theology, political science, economics, psychology, sociology, the fine arts, language, literature, journalism, history, legal studies, and any associated discipline.

Financing and Scholarship

All mentoring services are without cost to IAP Scholars, and the program will work closely with airlines, Catholic housing networks, and scholarship opportunities through the university and externally to ensure lower living expenses throughout the semester. Usually, the university in America covers living expenses for visiting scholars including housing, travel, and food in an effort to make international exchanges accessible for all scholars. The IAP Scholar program would work closely with IAP visiting scholars to minimize remaining expenses.


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“Teaching is a beautiful job; as it allows you to see the growth day by day of people entrusted to your care. It is a little like being parents, at least spiritually. It is a great responsibility."

- Pope Francis
Roman Catholic Pontif

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