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“What is liberal education?” In Altum Participants, Winter 2018

“What is liberal education?” In Altum Participants, Winter 2018


In Altum is an educational nonpartisan institution whose mission is to contribute to society through the exploration of Catholic intellectual tradition and social teaching practiced in everyday life.

We inspire individuals who are committed to living their faith in all spheres of life, both public and private at the highest levels of excellence.


We want to build an international community of strong leaders who work together in pursuing truth and wisdom, presenting the teachings of the Church in complex social relations, permeating all layers of society with Christ’s message of freedom and redemption.

We hope to transform the social order in our participants’ communities by creating a wave of change that starts with In Altum.


We respect the human dignity of all individuals, from conception to natural death.

We believe freedom is grounded in responsibility and its truest expression is found in human flourishing in all different dimensions of life: spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional, and physical.

We have a strong appreciation for the Western intellectual heritage and the study of great books and literature.


Our Story

In Altum was born in 2017 as a simple idea: to inspire leaders all around the world. How? By gathering them in DC, where they could meet each other, connect with brilliant intellectuals and leaders, and return to their countries with the intent to practice and build institutions in their professional lives that reflect what they learned throughout the program.

Why is In Altum held in Washington, D.C.? The polarized political and ideological environment found in the United States has acted as a catalyst for the creation of strong academic and political institutions that have stood against the growing moral relativism present in the American social order. These different institutions have been the birthplace of theological and sociological exploration of the applicability of faith in different spheres of life. We have found that DC is a hub for individuals who are both intellectually brilliant and spiritually committed. It is our aim to share this environment and its resources with our participants.

The Washington Monument. National Mall, Washington, DC.

The Washington Monument. National Mall, Washington, DC.