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There is a great need… and you can fill it. We want to turn your desire to do something significant into a reality.

Catholic schools abroad struggle to find native English speakers who also align with their values. We are seeking to tend to this need by partnering American college graduates with exceptional institutions abroad that seek to form students within the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Our goal is to match faithful graduates who desire to give back with the schools that need their talent and enthusiasm. Join us in revolutionizing Catholic education abroad.


Program Description



Participants in the CTA program will join the faculty of their host schools as valuable members of the teaching community. With full control of their own classrooms, they will be able to offer to students their own native command of the English language, through hands-on language immersion classes.


Although CTA teachers are paid a professional salary, the program is ultimately meant for participants both to give of themselves and to find themselves.

CTA is designed for people with any background or undergraduate major, not only those with a teaching degree. Part of our aim is to give our participants the opportunity to learn about themselves and others, so they can discover a purpose and path forward. CTA is an opportunity to think, reflect, and choose a path.


The greatest need in Catholic education across the world is for well formed educators to be ambassadors for Christ to their students.  CTA stresses the importance of teaching as a missionary vocation, meant to inspire the hearts and minds of others. Thus, CTA participants will truly be cultural ambassadors that spread joy throughout the world, sharing a new perspective on the faith with communities beyond US borders.



In our inaugural year, CTA will offer 2 locations: Lisbon, Portugal & Monterrey, Mexico

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is one of the hidden gems of the European Union, where the call for highly talented and thoughtful teachers is of increasing importance. The level of English in Portugal is substantially lower than many other countries throughout Europe., and thus the influence that a native English speaker will have in this environment is substantial.

CTA teachers will heighten the caliber of these Catholic schools so that students can progress to receive jobs of greater influence, affecting a change that would have a tangible community impact.

Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey, MExico

Monterrey is the capital and largest city of the northeastern state of Nuevo León, Mexico. Mexico has always been a vibrant community of faith, and shares both historical and cultural roots with the United States.

Though Monterrey is one of the most affluent cities in Mexico, even its best Catholic schools have difficulty finding native English teachers. In today’s global economy, not knowing English can be tantamount to illiteracy, especially so close to the US. The year you invest in improving English language literacy in Mexico could have a larger impact on cultural relations in the Western hemisphere.


The program will begin in your new home-country two weeks before classes begin. You will be able to settle in for a few weeks and gain the lay of the land in order to immerse yourself culturally.

A local expert in pedagogy will also ease you into the techniques to utilize in the classroom. Teaching is an art -- and in good art there is always an exquisite technique on display. All along the way, we will provide you with a support network that can answer your questions, whether they regard teaching, administration, exploration, or beyond. You won't be alone when you go.

Program Dates:

1 September 2019 - 2 June 2020*

*Specific start/end dates might vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Teach Abroad?

The impact that American college graduates will make teaching in foreign countries is perhaps 5-10 times greater than they would have teaching in the United States, especially because of the rising importance of English literacy throughout the world. For participants, teaching with CTA is a way to travel, gain work experience, and serve society all at the same time. But perhaps most of all, in the words of Gaudium et Spes, experiences abroad “refine man's character and enrich him with understanding of others.” The meaningful connections that you can make with a Catholic community abroad can last a lifetime.



Which countries can I teach in?

For the upcoming 2020/2021 school year, CTA will be connecting participants with schools in Lisbon, Portugal, or Monterrey, Mexico. We plan to expand to four more countries in Latin America and Europe for the following school season.

How long will I be teaching for?

The program spans one academic year, from August ‘19 - July ‘20. This includes the weeks of training that take place before the school year begins, to help participants get acclimated to the cultural differences, location, and language of their home country.

Do I need a VISA?

In order to work and be paid legally in any country abroad, participants will need to obtain a work or residence VISA. Though there may be several steps involved: we will walk you through every step of the application, taking the burden off you every chance we have.

Do I have to pay for CTA?

No! CTA participants are paid a regular salary by their schools. Any additional living expenses for housing, transportation, and meals will be covered by CTA. Stipends vary depending upon location and salary.

Do I need to know the language to participate?

No. Participants are welcomed to learn the language of the host country in order to immerse themselves in their community, but are not required to be fluent beforehand. We expect our teachers to prepare briefly and study the basics of the foreign language.

What about housing?

Housing costs will be covered by the provided salary and/or stipend, and will differ based on location placement. We do our best to work with and explore the different preferences of our participants, ensuring safety as our primary goal.

How soon can I submit an application?

We accept applications on a rolling basis! Please fill out yours here. It is important to know that we have a limited number of spots for our inaugural 2019-2020 academic year so we recommend submitting your application as soon as possible.


Application Process

CTA’s application process is designed to evaluate candidates holistically: both what they offer and who they are. Successful applicants have a strong academic background, deep faith conviction, and vested interest in making a global impact. Our application process is simple but competitive, conducted in 3 stages:

1.) Submit your application here. Our associates will evaluate applications on a rolling basis. If we deem your qualifications as a potential fit for CTA, you will be invited to the second stage.

2.) 45 minute interview with a CTA associate. Upon completion of the interview, you will be contacted regarding your status to be nominated to one of our partner schools.

3.) Upon nomination to our partner schools, your application will be evaluated by the school itself and you will receive information confirming placement.


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“No Catholic school can be effective without dedicated Catholic teachers, convinced of the great ideal of Catholic education. The Church needs men and women who are intent on teaching by word and example – intent on helping to permeate the whole educational milieu with the spirit of Christ.”



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