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Becket Services

Preparing the Right Candidates

What We Do

About Becket

The Becket Program aims to identify highly talented, Catholic students who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. program to further their academic career. Whether they have an undergraduate degree in the humanities, studied in the quantitative fields but have a deep interest in the humanities, or are searching for a Masters as a first step toward a Ph.D., admitted Fellows receive consulting services for their academic aspirations. As a Becket Fellow, students will receive expert advice on all elements of a successful application including:

  • personal statements

  • statements of purpose

  • letters of recommendation

  • testing strategies and tools (GRE and TOEFL/IELTS)

  • writing samples

  • faculty and department fit

  • application materials

  • scholarship opportunities and funding

Every element of the application is important for admission, especially the “fit” of the candidate with the department. Many university departments look for students interested in sub-fields in which the department specializes. The Becket Program will work with every candidate to utilize their passion for a sub-field to energize student’s applications for proper Ph.D. programs, ensuring a right “fit” with selected faculty from that university.

Our counseling services are an ongoing resource, lasting from the acceptance of the student into the Becket Program up until acceptance into the Ph.D. program. Many students will receive Masters degrees through the Ph.D. or before applying for a Ph.D., and the Becket Program is happy to aid students on the Masters application as well.

Becket Fellows are given a private consultant who is a current Ph.D. student at a top university who will assess their application, offering tips and recommendations to help navigate the application process. Many struggles associated with the application can be avoided simply by receiving advice from experienced students, and the Becket Program utilizes this method to ensure high-quality consulting.

With that said, Ph.D. programs are notoriously chancey. Anything from available funding, oversaturation of sub-fields, or shifting faculty preferences can affect the admission of a highly-qualified candidate from year to year. For that reason, Becket Fellows are not guaranteed admission into any program. Our services are not associated with any university or higher educational organization, but our hope is that through perfecting Becket Fellows’ essays, connections, and application, chances of admission will dramatically increase.

Why choose us?

In a world of consulting services, it can be hard to identify a reliable program that operates for the well-being of its clients. That is where the Becket Program stands out.

Our Services Are Free

All consulting services offered through the Becket Program are free of charge. We hope to empower students toward pursuing their goals, regardless of financial obstacles. If accepted into the Becket Program, you are given expert counseling from students who excelled in the application process you are about to undertake; they have a plethora of experience and wisdom to share and know how hard the application process can be.

We Encourage Spiritual Growth

We admit intelligent, determined students into our program because we know they can forge competitive applications to the top institutions, but we also embrace the richness of the Catholic faith as a core tenet of our program. Following in the tradition of Catholic scholars, Becket Fellows are encouraged to form connections with Catholic student groups and networks within the American academy to explore the depths of Catholicism among some of the brightest scholars. Maintaining one’s faith in secular academia can be a challenge, so we aim to equip Becket Fellows with the knowledge, tools, and networks to flourish as a Catholic on campus.

We Have The Knowledge

Ph.D. and Masters programs vary by school and department, and it can be incredibly difficult to identify a program with your specialty of interest. Becket Fellows are given unprecedented access to information for every humanities department at the top 30 schools. Finding “the fit” becomes a science, and Becket Fellows avoid the extraneous costs of applying to programs that don’t match with the applicant’s interests. Furthermore, every Becket consultant has experienced the Ph.D. application process themselves and offer premium quality counseling completely at your disposal.

It’s A Global Network

Ideal Becket candidates come from many parts of the international community, making the Becket Program a global network to every applicant. The Becket team has contacts in every facet of life including the academic, spiritual, political, and more which all are available to Becket Fellows. Forming connections in academia is incredibly important for career progression, so what better chance to meet outstanding, Catholic scholars than this!