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Becket Funding

Preparing the Right Candidates


The Becket Program

Funding for the Becket Program is graciously donated by Saffron Ventures, In Altum’s parent company which provides higher educational experiences through international fellowships for American students. All time and resources made available to Becket Fellows are completely free of charge, and there are no associated fees with being a Becket Fellow.

Ph.D./Masters Applications

Though Becket aims to minimize expenses for its Fellows, limited funding requires that Becket Fellows finance any incurred testing, translation, or mailing fees associated with submitting a Ph.D. application. Each university department has its unique application fee (usually ranging from $60-$120). However, most departments also offer fee waivers if students are unable to provide the necessary funds. Testing services (which are usually required by the departments) are not covered through the Becket Program and must be financed independently (GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, test-prep tutoring, etc.) Finally, the Becket Program is unable to offer translating services for official documents which is a necessary requirement for every application. Translations must be done by authorized officials with the proper credentials.

Ph.D. programs

Every university provides its admitted students with fellowships/assistantships/teaching-positions to cover all tuition and healthcare expenses, and the department provides a generous living stipend for housing and food (usually around $20,000-$35,000 per year). PhD students gain valuable experience with professors by teaching and researching, and in addition to these positions financing the student’s education, they are generally treated as integral to the doctoral program. Most universities also offer merit and need-based scholarships and grants available to students by application if there are any remaining costs. Research grants, funding for travel to attend conferences, and summer funding is also available depending on the department. Generally, departments guarantee full-funding for five years of Ph.D. study with extended funding available by application thereafter. All of these options will be discussed with admitted Becket students and tailored to their specific academic path.

Masters programs

Unlike Ph.D. programs, fully-funded Masters programs are quite rare in the United States. Usually, a Masters degree is unnecessary for Ph.D. applicants with a BA in their field of interest. However, if scholars desire to pursue a Masters before their Ph.D., the Becket Program will assist in finding affordable programs both in and outside the United States which will prepare the candidate for an elite Ph.D. program in the US. Departmental funding for Masters students can be hard to find, but this should only encourage students interested in eventually pursuing a Ph.D. to apply to the Becket Program to receive scholarship guidance and counseling. Competitive departmental and university scholarships, external grants and scholarships, and work-study positions are usually available to help offset the costs. All of these options will be discussed with admitted Becket students and tailored to their specific academic path.